T’ai Chi Ch’uan (Supreme Ultimate) and Ch'i Kung (Breath Energy Work) are ancient Chinese mind-body practices.  What is ch'i?  The Chinese word ch'i means air, energy or life.  According to T'ai Chi theory, everyone possesses ch'i, yet we can balance, harmonize, and develop it within our bodies through learning and practicing T'ai Chi movements, breath and meditation.  In class, students learn a comprehensive system that opens and strengthens the whole body in a gentle manner.  Ultimately, the practice integrates body, mind and spirit causing a ‘ripple’ effect that not only helps the overall health of the individual, but spreads out into the well-being of the family and greater community.  


T'ai Chi:  Calmness, Agility, Breath, Internal Energy, Spirit  


*Develop relaxation and balance.  

*Relieve Stress / Anxiety 

*Improve immune and respiratory system.

*Enhance strength and flexibility.

*Relieve chronic pain and arthritis.

*Prevent heart disease and depression.


*Naturally promotes good health and tranquility.

*Takes only a few minutes to practice every day.

*Requires no special equipment.



The body is essentially empty like the stem of a reed,

be still and stay relaxed in genuine ease.

The mind, like pure space, utterly transcends the world of thought,

when the swell of the ocean is at one, with its peaceful depths.



An Ocean of Ch'i resides within you.



Feeling upset, out of control, a bit anxious? Train yourself to Respond versus React. Press RELAX and let the sound 'melt' you. DON'T MOVE. DON'T SPEAK. Whatever aggravating, stressful or annoying situation is coming at you - just let it be. Focus on the relaxing sound and image. The aggravating stimulus will find your brain's dorsal neural network vs. the medial network giving your stressed out adrenals a break and your brain a chance to form a rational response. Relax also stimulates the vagus nerve to calm the body with healing sound.

You can train yourself to remain calm in stressful situations.

You can RELAX Anytime and Anywhere!



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Benefits of T'ai Chi practice:

Inner Peace, Stability, Responsiveness to Change

Kathryn (KT) Rusch is a member of T'ai Chi Ch'uan Center of Milwaukee since 1994 and is honored to serve on the Board of Directors.  The Tai Chi Chuan Center of Milwaukee has been offering quality training in T'ai Chi practices for 35 years. KT has been teaching T'ai Chi, Ch'i Kung and Meditation since 2009 and assistant teaching since 2002, currently in Port Washington and Mequon.  CPR AED certified.  

Finding Your Energy with T'ai Chi  Ozaukee Magazine interview  Oct 2014.

Interview on Healing Corner 2013 with Shepherd Express

I am a student of T'ai Chi and dedicate my practice to my teachers and students.   I hope to be of benefit to you.  Let us study together.  kt  


Ongoing Classes:

Mondays: Port Washington Senior Center 9 am - 1130 am.

Thursdays:  Mequon Recreation Department Rangeline School    9 am -  11:30 am

Saturdays in 2016: Mequon Recreation Department 9 - 11:00 am Tai Chi Mindfulness Meditation   Special class for Ages 12 - 18.  

Group Sessions at Aurora Psychiatric Hospital Child/Adolescent Unit

From The T'ai Chi Classics:


 "First in the mind,

then in the body.


The abdomen relaxes,

then the chi (breath) sinks into the bones.


The shen (spirit) is relaxed

and the body calm.


Being able to breathe (properly)

leads to agility.


The softest

will then become

the strongest."



My first teacher was the late Grandmaster Chian Ho Yin in the 1980’s. I am current senior student with Mike Milewski and have deep gratitude for the 20 years of practice together.  I attend workshops with Sifu Adam Mizner, Masters William C.C. Chen and Benjamin Lo and Master Yonghong Cheng (senior student of grand-master Chen Zhen Lei, China).    I am also certified as a Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Instructor. My meditation teacher is H.H. 14th Dalai Lama, attending teachings in US and India since 1997.   I practice Iyengar Hatha Yoga, contemplating and practicing ideas on Tai Chi Yoga cross-training.   

"Simple daily practice is where its at"  kt



OCEAN of CH'I Blog Posts

Link to List of Our Postures



contact kt for class info--


Visit the Port Washington Senior Center website at: http://cityofportwashington.com/seniorCenter.html or contact the Director, Catherine Kiener, at ckiener@ci.port-washington.wi.us.

The Mequon Recreation Department is located at Range Line School
11040 North Range Line Road in Mequon.
Office Open Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
For Program Information and Cancellations:
M-T Recreation Office: (262) 238-7535


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T'AI CHI CH'UAN Center of Milwaukee

Everyday T'ai Chi Ch'uan Milwaukee

T'ai Chi Ch'uan Classics

Ben Lo Teachings

Medical Research on T'ai Chi Links

OCEAN of CH'I Blog Posts





SHEPHERD INTERVIEW with kt -- 2013

My actual answers to the questions--


1. - Tai chi – not to be confused with chai tea ?    

Nice one haha !  :)

2. – T’ai Chi Ch’uan has been translated as the 'Supreme Ultimate Force'; "boundless fist", &/or "great extremes boxing" – which one do you roll with ?

We roll with Supreme Ultimate!  Despite the impressive name, we are quite humble and roll with Nature and the seasons.

3. - How would/do you describe T’ai chi to the uninitiated ?

"The hard and stiff will be broken, but the soft and pliable will prevail." Tao Te Ching
In T'ai Chi we train our bodies not to resist others and life in general, but to flow naturally like a river.
We train even-mindedness in the natural course of life's changes, but are able to kick ass if needed.
We rarely have to expend energy on conflict  though, because we have avoided the conflict through wise methods.  That's the ideal we are going for!

To the uninitiated, I would say : "Come explore this highly aware relaxation response to stress,conflict and life in general ."

4. - Is it safe to say that tai chi is halfway between yoga (symbolic gestures & names & forms) & shaolin kung fu (meditative dance)?

T'ai Chi Ch'uan is an internal martial art.   It is not apparent on the surface, unless you know what you are looking for.
If you make a Venn diagram, ultimately T'ai Chi is like a large circle that contains yoga and shaolin kung fu. 

5. - How can a martial art be restorative healing & even medicine ?

The enemy may be physical disease or disturbing emotions. The special teaching in T'ai Chi Ch'uan is the aspect on mind/body and  release or 'letting go'. There is more to say here, but suffice it to say that these trainings can be powerfully restorative and healing.  There are many stories of T'ai Chi masters who healed themselves of diseases and injuries.

6. - Chicken & the egg question: what is Tai Chi without the Yin & the Yang, & vice versa ?

T'ai Chi without Yin and Yang is like an empty circle.  Some might call this Wu Chi or non-polarity, infinite attainment, maybe enlightenment. 

  "T'ai Chi comes from Wu Chi and is the mother of Yin and Yang."  T'ai Chi Classic attributed to Wang Tsung-yeuh (1736-1795).

The wise sage expounds that words cannot express this.

I personally meditate at the shore of Lake Michigan to investigate this.  I love Milwaukee.

7. - Each posture flows into the next without pause, ensuring that your body is in constant motion. That isn’t a question. Just wonder if you could expound …

Water doesn't hold on to anything; it just flows. 

"T'ai Chi Ch'uan is like a great river rolling on unceasingly.""  from T'ai Chi Classic attributed to Chang San-feng (1279-1389 A.D.)

The yin/yang is contained in a circle, not a square or some other shape.  We try to roll without breaks or holes once the sequence commences.

8. - What does Tai chi have to offer the world today ? And especially, Milwaukee, specifically does it have any special power for beer guts or tailgate-sausage/fishfry calories ?

For the world:  Our grand-teacher, Cheng Man-Ch'ing, wrote an essay "Cultivate Yourself for Universal Peace".

For Milwaukee: Make some daily progress into transforming your beer gut into an Ocean of Ch'i! 
Seriously, transform your mind/body with this practice - you will be a better human being for your family, your friends and the greater community.

9 . It is inexpensive, requires no special equipment and can be done indoors or out, either alone or in a group.

So what is the downside?

You are right about these upsides.
Downside is that T'ai Chi Ch'uan is exceptionally difficult to truly learn. 
Take up the challenge; it's a good one.

 The Healing Corners Open House – June 2, 1-4 p.m.

10a. - Will the House be in Constant Motion?

YES - indeed!

10b. - What can people expect to see/learn/experience?

SEVEN  shining hotspots of goodness will be open on the corner of Locust and Fratney.
There will be demonstrations, mini-classes, lectures, samples of products and plenty of time for questions and discussions about what makes each of these organizations a healing and enlivening presence in our city.

Tai Chi Ch’uan Center of Milwaukee
Riverwest Yogashala
Diva Ayurveda – Ayurvedic Wellness Center
Maedke Chiropractic Center
Shalem Healing – Pediatrics, Women’s Health, Family Practice
Woodland Pattern – Small Press Books, Gallery, Creative Workshops
Great Lake Zen Center

T'ai Chi Center will also demo some weapons forms too, which people like to check out.

T'ai Chi Survey Results 2013-15

the students speak...



Short term effects -– how do you feel before and after class?


Before class, I felt tired and old!  After class, I have felt genuine change especially in everyday aches and pains.


Before class, I feel sluggish and uptight.  After class I feel energetic and calmer.

I was having balance problems, especially in one leg.  Now my balance is improving and strength is improving.  I have been doing T'ai Chi for one month.


Before the class I feel stiff and weak.  After the class I feel stronger and better at balancing.


Before class I feel tired.  After class I feel energized and balanced.  I have been doing Tai chi for eight months.


Those exercises you showed me for my neck worked wonders.  My neck is back to normal and everything else in between is also working good.  I just thought I'd let you know and thank you again. See you Thursday.  

My shoulders have let go after two classes.  Best I have felt in eight months.


Long term effects -- How has your study and practice affected you over time?


It is so important to relax.  I believe you need to be “still” so you can hear what you should do in life and T'ai Chi helps me to be “still”.


I really enjoy the class and feel it is very valuable to one both physically and emotionally.


I am more in tune to my body.  My posture is better.  I am calmer and I know what to do to relieve some of the pain.


I feel younger.  I have been practicing three years.


I have been practicing two years and I love the feeling of focusing and relaxing tension while flowing through the form.  Whenever I need to reconnect to this feeling whether at home or in a crowded environment, it is possible to do with great ease.


T'ai Chi gives me a greater awareness of my physical body’s movement.  I can feel my balance, agility and strength improve and I think this will help me to age gracefully.  Also the awareness of my ability to intentionally channel energy allows me to feel calm and strong.  I have a sense of oneness with life’s natural energy forces.


I have certainly benefited from your approach to T'ai Chi physically, but spiritually and holistically as well.



A unique aspect of the classes is the playing of Tibetan Singing Bowls.  Sound and Vibration are powerful ways in to aligning and beneficial physical/mental effects.




Tibetan Singing Bowls 


I incorporate authentic 7-metal Tibetan Singing Bowls and Tingshaws into the concluding meditation in class.  The sounds travel from the outer ear throughout the body via the vagus nerve — impacting brain waves, respiratory rate and heart rate and the parasympathetic nervous system.  Sound and vibration help facilitate a deep sense of inner peace, and a relaxation of tension and blocked energy.  The vibrations work at a cellular level to rebalance the body mind and spirit.  Singing Bowls are ancient tools for healing and have been played for thousands of years in meditation, ceremony and rituals.



'Tools of transformation

the ringing gathers positive energy 

and force

to fight back against forces of negativity and destruction

giving connection and even teachings

affecting people and surroundings even if they cannot physically hear it.

peaceful sound giving.'



edited from an interview with Lama Leshe



How do you feel about the Tibetan Singing Bowls?


A nice, soft sound in a noisy world.  


Love them – a genuine sense of well-being and relaxation when they sing.


  So peaceful,  Very spiritual,  


Ahhhh- I am so relaxed, 


So calming.


Some Personal Comments from students:

(I am humbled, thanks, just keep going)


Thank you for all that you do. You are a good soul.


Can not imagine my life without T'ai Chi. Thank you very much and hope someday you can teach two times a week here.


Thanks for your patience. You have a convert to T'ai Chi.


I love kt’s bubbly enthusiasm for all facets of T'ai Chi.  She is very knowledgeable and a great teacher.


I think you are a wonderful example of the integration of physical and intentional aspects of Tai chi.  I (we) love your class!  Thank you.


"Hugs and love to the most compassionate woman that I know! Blessings and peace to you! :-)"


Really feel I learned a lot from your 2012 Fall and 2013 Winter sessions.  You are a special teacher!  Thank you!  




American Academy of Neurology Names T'ai Chi Study as TOP TEN study of 2012   

Exercise science professor Peter Harmer’s publication in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Tai Chi: A New Weapon in the Battle Against Alzheimer's


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 In addition to T'ai Chi studies and practice, I am a mother and musician.  I holds a Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Electrical Engineering from Marquette University and have worked in the Biomedical Field and in Clinical Settings. I facilitate therapeutic music sessions for people with disabilities and with Express Yourself Milwaukee. I work as a Behavioral Health Tech at Aurora Psychiatric Hospital Child and Adolescent Unit.







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